We held a workshop with Decent Jobs for YouthEdTech Hub and Zizi Afrique to get stakeholders’ views on data relating to youth skills and employment.

On the 6th of May 2021, our workshop brought together over 70 stakeholders in the education sector and industry from over 8 countries: Columbia, Pakistan, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Canada, and India.

Moderated by John Mugo, Executive Director of Zizi Afrique, the launch saw the participation of various representatives of organizations including the International Labour Organization, MasterCard foundation, eBASE Africa, VVOB, UNICEF, GIZ, UNFPA and Traore Consulting. Through breakout sessions, participants shared their experiences, challenges and solutions in accessing data on education & youth employment in Africa.

In regions where government data is limited, unlocking the patchwork of data collected for baseline evaluations, landscaping studies and feasibility assessments would give decision makers a bigger picture of the state of education in their countries.

John Mugo, who participated in one of the breakout sessions aimed to interact with many people from different contexts to deepen his own understanding and sensitize his attitude on how stakeholders could do better for the benefit of all youth globally.

“The biggest gap is the use of evidence to connect trainers and employers to transform the way youth access opportunities post-training.”

The Chief Executive Officer of ESSA, Lucy Heady was grateful to participants for their contributions and highlighted the need for more collaborations to improve education and work for young people in Africa.

“So much energy, so much ambition from the group, it was really exciting to see”.

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